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Basic Principles of Term Paper writing

We have found out what an essay is. Now let’s think about another quite widespread writing task. I mean term paper writing. The word combination “term paper” can provoke fear. So, why are these two words so scary for students? What does the term paper actually mean?

A term paper is a written analysis of the ideas, facts and principles you’ve learned during a course. A term paper is usually written by students at the end of a term and it contributes to the overall grade a student will get.


A term paper may be of two major types. The first one is known as argumentative, and the second type is called analytical. Argumentative term papers usually present some arguments supported by strong facts. In other words, you give your opinion and then support it giving strong evidences. An analytical term paper doesn’t reflect an author’s personal opinion. Instead it deals with facts, so you have to stay neutral. You have to present both, positive and negative sides of an issue, using your analytical skills to evaluate information.

So, you have to choose the writing type you will use, then you choose your topic and then you have to make a research. For this purpose you may use articles, books, websites, artworks and even people. You should remember that you not only have to collect data, but also to analyze it and come to certain conclusions.  If you’re asking yourself “who will proofread my paper?” or “how do I make my grammar perfect?” remember that there are specialized online services that can help you with that.

Having conducted a research you should write a draft of your term paper. If you are satisfied with it, write a final version. You should mind your language and grammar, because mistakes will surely make your result worse. Having written the final version proofread it and if you are satisfied, submit the term paper to your professor.

As you see, the procedure of term paper writing can be described just is a couple of paragraphs. There is nothing to be afraid of! Believe in yourself and your knowledge, follow instructions and you will write a wonderful term paper, believe me!

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