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Biography Writing as one of my essays term papers writing

A biography is simply the story of a life. Biographies can be both short or lengthy. While writing a short  biographies, we need to focus only on highlights of a person’s life. When writing a lengthy one, we need to focus on person’s accomplishments and his entire life. Biographies make past history more real and easier to understand by telling about real people and the actual events. Writing biography requires a lot of research as in the case of an essay writing or thesis writing.

A well written biography depicts almost every thing about that person’s life. What all the person did, what were his thinking’s, what all he did that changed our history and so on. For this a biographer needs to do a complete research about the person on whom he is to write. In order to do this he can go through the persons diaries, personal letters, and autobiographies. Research through internet will be helpful too.

While writing a biography, its not necessary to write everything in chronological order. The very effective and important points can be dealt first. Keep in mind to write in Third Person, using Present Tense. Use of quotation is a good option. This will give your biography writing a more perfect depiction about the person.

Ending of your biography should be as perfect as your introduction. You can add how you feel about the persons achievement and how it effects or changed the life of others. Editing the writing work before publishing is a must, to get an error free work.

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