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Completing an Essay with Calculations

Explaining a Graph in an Essay

No doubt, tables, statistics and graphs can easily be interpreted by all  and hence graphs are now widely used in essay term papers. When an essay term paper has a graph, generally people tend to focus just on the graph, statistics etc. and forget to pay attention to the description which is equally important. It is very important for one to understand the graphs properly but sometimes it gets difficult for the audience to understand both the graph and the description. That is why, some professionals and experts have put together a set of words, to describe graphs.

How to Explain a Graph in an Essay

The first thing which should be clear to the reader is, basic questions like what exactly the graph is all about, what are the axes, comparison in terms of years, how much it has changed? The reader should be able to get this information by a brief explanation of the graph.

While explaining a graph a writer may use certain terminologies for example if the writer wants to say ‘the rates have increased ’ then, he/she can make use of words such as rapidly, steadily, slowly, quickly, significantly, slightly etc. Especially, if you are writing type my essay for me or even check grammar online.

Tips to Explain a Graph in Essay Term Papers Are:

  • Make sure that the verbs should not be repeated.
  • It would be good for you if you make a list of the words with the same meaning (synonyms). For this tips you can use professional essays service.
  • Take care of the prepositions which are used to explain a graph, like ‘it went to’ is slightly different from ‘it went up’.

Other Things That Should Be Taken Care Of:

  • Always start with a valid introduction. Keep in mind, that only you can see the graph but others cannot see it. So, introduce the graph in such a way that it should be understood by  the audience. Write, what the graph is all about, of which year, location, and a graph of what?
  • The second thing is the body of the essay, which should contain all the relevant information related to the graph, years, comparison, why the figures went down or went up? Write about the things that you have researched about the graph.

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