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Deal with Research Paper Headers and Footers

research paper header and footer helpIf you want to write a really successful research paper, every detail should be paid attention to and such seemingly unimportant things, as headers and footers influence the impression your paper make on your tutor. EssaysTermpapers.com knows that students tend to experience difficulties with adding header and footers to their academic papers and decided to help.

Managing Headers of Your Research Paper

help with managing headers in research papersOur writers at Essays and Term Papers Writing Service want to tell you about how to use the headers first. They are mostly used in your research paper or other academic paper to insert a page number or some other information which you want to be displayed at the top of every page. For example, you may need to use the header if you want the title of your paper to appear on every page, or, in case you use MLA or APA citing style you may need to write the author and the year of publication of your research using the headers.

Dealing with the Footers of Your Research Paper

help with footers in research papersOn the other hand, according to EssaysTermpapers.com, you may use footers which appear at the very bottom of the page to insert the page number there. In addition, taking advantage of footers option, you can write your name, the group or class you belong to or other details which you consider important.

Essays and Term Papers Service Tells How to Insert Headers and Footers

In case you use Microsoft Word, follow this simple steps to add headers or footers to your academic paper:inserting headers and footers help

  • Go to the ‘Insert’ menu (press the keys Alt+I)
  • Once you are on the ‘Insert’ menu, go to the ‘Headers & Footers’ option
  • Choose the text to be added
  • Specify the positioning of the page number
  • Make sure that you begin your numbering either from page 1 or page 2
  • Type in the text
  • Click on the main portion of your page to leave this menu

If you will still find it difficult to add headers and footers to your research paper, as well as to any other academic paper, don’t hesitate to grammer checker it as well as turn to our formatting service at EssaysTermpapers.com.

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