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Argumentative Essay

You must have written hundreds of essays and this task is a comparatively easy one. It doesn’t require as many efforts and concentration as thesis or a dissertation. But an argumentative essay is different from all the other tasks. Here you do not only give certain information but rather provide your readers with arguments. You list all the pros and cons of a problem. Your task here is to persuade your opponents that your point of view is the right one. This is of course hard, just try to imagine what it takes to change ones beliefs! So to succeed in this kind of task you have to remember certain rules.

First of all, choose a suitable topic. It should be rather controversial. You can pick up either a topic about current news, your country’s politics, religion, etc. The main point is that it has two conflicting points of view. Your personal interest is not the only thing that matters here. Be sure that you do have your own opinion on the issue. Your task will be to explain why your belief is reasonable. It is recommended to make a list of points you will use in the essay.

When you have selected a topic you are really concerned about, explore the ideas of your opponents. This may seem a rather unpleasant task, but you won’t write a successful argumentative essay without it. You will have to present it in the essay. Of course, in the end you will write that your opinion is more reasonable, but being objective is very important.

So, you now have all the necessary information and this is the time for writing! Your essay has to contain three major parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

So, the first paragraph of your essay should contain the explanation of the topic, all the background information and thesis statement. That is actually your personal opinion on the problem.

The body of your essay will be the main part. Here you will have to go into more details about the problem, give the opposing point of view and the arguments. Once you have described what your opponents think on this topic, start proving your position! Give only the strongest arguments from all those you have. Present statistics data, theoretical information and even examples from real life. This part is usually the longest one, so feel free to defend your beliefs!

In the conclusion part you will have to show why your point of view is more reasonable than the opposing one. The above stated arguments will help you make a really informative and logical conclusion!

However personal this kind of essay writing may seem never let your emotions out! Your arguments have to be logical and persuasive! Quote your sources and give only reasonable examples! If you think that this task is not your cup of tea, don’t waste your time and nerves! Essaystermpapers.com is always ready to help you! Our experts will provide you with the best support possible! Do not hesitate and save your time with us!

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