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Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays are required for high school and college studies. It is considered to be a way to discuss problems and find their solutions. The name of the task speaks for itself. In this kind of writing you will state a certain problem, explain its causes and give the consequences. To complete this challenging task successfully you will have to prepare very carefully!

Choose a really important topic to present! Before you start writing your cause and effect essay make a list of all the causes you will list in the work. Develop you thesis statement and research all the existing data about it. Remember that the amount of pages is strictly limited that’s why organize all your ideas very carefully!

In the first paragraph of your work, present the event or phenomena you will write about. Explain the background of the issue in details so that the readers could understand the importance of your topic. Then start telling about the effects. Often it happens so that a single event can cause a lot of results. Try telling about all of them. It will highlight the importance of the chosen topic!

Then you will have to limit the major points. Choose only those which interact with your thesis. Here you will have to state why you are discussing this problem and how its effects influence our lives. You are expected to present all the data you have found. Analyze the problem bit by bit so that the readers could see why it is so important. You can divide your points according to the categories, which will make them easier to understand. Focus only on those effects which are related to us, to our everyday lives. It will make your essay more urgent and addressing directly to the audience. Present facts, statistics, examples or even personal observations.

Your conclusion should not include your personal opinion, as a cause and effect essay doesn’t deal with it. Rather, it should simply summarize the information. Besides, your essay should not present ideas for solving the problem. In the conclusion you should give only the facts. It is up to your reader what conclusions to make.

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