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Clasiffication Essay

There are various kinds of essays. All of them differ from one another. A classification essay is a very specific kind of writing. It deals not only with presenting your own ideas but rather with organizing various points of view or things in certain groups. Before you choose your topic think of the categories. You will have to make at least three of them in the essay. To make it properly imagine that you are organizing papers on your table or things in your room.

So, the first thing you have to do is arranging your ideas in certain constructive categories. They should be rather detailed so that your readers could understand, why you have decided to choose exactly these groups. The categories may seem to be absolutely different, but they all have to follow a similar logical principle! After all, you have only one topic! The division into groups will help your readers think about every group individually, to pay more attention to them.

The general scheme of a classification essay is pretty similar to those of usual essays. It is expected to consist of the introduction, the body and the conclusions.

The introduction usually contains the topic and your thesis statement. Here you show the readers what the paper deals with and what problems will be discussed. You can give your reasons for choosing this topic and give the background information that will persuade your readers in the significance of the issue.

The body of your essay is actually the most important and informative part. Here you present the categories. Make sure that all the categories fit into the same organizing principle. Choose the best one which will help you present all the information according to the groups you have. Don’t forget to provide each category with examples. If you don’t give any, your work will be uninformative and not interesting to read. There is a certain order of categories. You have to start with the least important ones and finish with the category which is of major importance.

To cut the long story short you have to remember three main principles of classification essay writing. First of all, organize the things or ideas into clearly structured categories. Then, use a single organizing principle for all the categories. And the last thing – give examples!

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