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Comparison essay

Comparison essays are an integral part of any academic studies. They can be written in any field of studies and your main task is to compare two phenomena or people.  This task often seems to be a rather easy one but you can never underestimate the importance of it!The first point is to choose a topic that really requires comparison. Once you have decided what to write about, put down all the similarities and differences you will write about. Organize which of them are more significant. They will be discussed in the end of your essay!

There are two general strategies for writing a comparison essay. Apply the first one in case you have a lot of small similarities or differences. For example if your task is to compare two heroes of a certain novel, at first tell everything you think about the first character and then about the second one. Make a kind of analysis for each of them. And then, in the second part of your essay, contrast their main features.

The second approach should be used in case you don’t have that many similarities or differences. After your introduction paragraph, state a certain issue you want to discuss about both characters. For example, you say that characters A and B are absolutely different people. While A is a noble and honest person, B is a true embodiment of the worst traits of character. After such an analysis you move on to the second point to be discussed, then to the third and so on.

You shouldn’t express your personal opinion, just give the facts. Your readers are well-educated people and be sure that they will be able to summarize all you have written. After all, your task is to give a comparative characteristic of two people or phenomena. That is why, present only facts!

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