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Critical Essay

Critical essay writing is a required part of any academic studies. This piece of work is a really interesting one. It is usually arts related. You may be asked to present a review of a book, movie, painting, etc. However, this is not just a brief summary of the contents, or the presentation of your personal opinion. This is a real analysis of the work.

You can either write an essay that agrees or disagrees with the topic. The word “critical” actually means your own attitude. Any critical essay should examine the existing opinions on the analyzed work. You will use them to prove your personal position. Even if some of them contradict your personal believes, you will have to present them. Show how the existing conclusions are different from the ones you’ve made. Find evidences within the work itself. Provide your readers with examples from the text, they will make your position stronger!

The structure of a critical essay is quite usual. You will have to write an introduction, a body and conclusions.

In the first part of your work give your topic, the name of the book or movie you will analyze and it’s author. Here you are expected to present your opinion and the questions you are willing to discuss in the essay.

The body is usually the longest part. Here your task is to give the information that supports your position on the certain topic. You will have to develop your arguments, compare them to the opinions of experts and evaluate the analyzed work. Do not try to cover all the problems of the work. Instead, remember your topic and stick to it! Here it is wise to use separate paragraphs for each point you are talking about. Remember that all the information has a common topic that is why present all your findings logically!

The conclusion of your critical essay states your personal position and summarizes the analysis. Here you have to show how the collected data and examples from the text support your point of view. Your task is to persuade your readers that you have learned the text perfectly well and that it helped you state your position.

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