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Deductive Essay

Deductive essays are used to evaluate your level of knowledge. This kind of essay is considerably different from all the rest. It deals with applying deductive way of thinking in order to draw a certain conclusion. In the essay you will have to show your readers why you have made exactly this or that finding. You are usually given a set of circumstances or factors which will lead you to a logical conclusion.

Start writing a deductive essay with the introduction. Here you state the topic and give your backgrounds for choosing it. Besides, you can explain the deductive way of thinking and tell why it is useful.

The main part of your essay is the body. As a rule, you start writing a deductive essay with a premise. This is the basic idea formed by the given information. You will have to make your conclusions from the premise. In the body of your deductive essay you are expected to introduce and explain the premise. Your readers will follow all the steps carefully, so make sure it is clearly stated.

Then comes the evidence. This is the information available for drawing a logical conclusion. The evidence is supposed to make a kind of link between the premise and the conclusion. If it is really solid and strong your conclusions will look logical and truly supported. The evidence is usually based on facts or on your personal experience, but never on an assumption!

After you have presented all the evidences available, you can finally make the conclusions. It is your final analysis of the situation. In this part you will have to proof your premise. Your task is to show how all the evidence presented helped you come to the logical conclusion.

If your deductive essay is a really professionally written one it has to be clear and focused. Each paragraph is focused on a particular aspect and is proved by certain evidence. If you do not support your ideas your conclusion will be considered to be a weak one.

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