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Definition Essay

You know that there are lots of types of essays. Some of them require writing a paper on a given topic, to write others you have to make a kind of research. A definition essay is different from them. It is a piece of writing that explains what a certain term means. Some notions are easy to explain, they are definite and concrete. The others, like happiness or justice are abstract and depend on your personal beliefs. Never use words like “where” and “when” to describe something. A noun should be explained through a noun and a verb through a verb.

Before you start writing your definition essay you have to choose the term. You need to understand it perfectly well as you will share your point of view with the readers. In case you have doubts about the meaning, consult a dictionary. However you shouldn’t simply copy the explanation. Think it over and present it in your own words.

There are several approaches to defining a term. You can either explain it according to its function. The other option is to tell how it is organized. The third way of explaining a term is by making an analysis. Here you can compare it to other similar objects and highlight the differences and similarities. If you don’t like any of these strategies there is another option. This is so-called “proof by contradiction”. Tell your readers what the term doesn’t mean.

However, a simple definition is not enough. To explain everything properly, use understandable examples and facts. Think of a situation that can illustrate the term perfectly well.  A good point here is to use simple language. Remember that you are not a dictionary article. Try to present the term through your personal understanding. The key factor here is to take a notion you really care about. Your personal experience is another point that will help you. Don’t be shy to tell about personal beliefs. They will demonstrate how the term is connected to real life.

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