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Expository Essay

An expository essay is a piece of writing that doesn’t require proving a certain thesis or conducting a thorough analysis of a given subject. Your purpose is to present and explain a specific topic to your future readers. The main task is to understand the topic and present it in a logical manner. Your personal opinion has no importance in this kind of work, so operate only the bare facts.

The most important moment of expository essay writing is to understand the topic thoroughly. That’s why, choose it very carefully. Such kind of essay can be written on any topic – from how to clean a flat to the consequences of the Cold war. Once you’ve got the topic start searching the information. You can use any source – books, Internet, press, etc. Here a good point will be to take a rather narrow topic so that the readers could understand you properly.

A usual expository essay consists of three parts that make five paragraphs. Traditionally, the first paragraph is the introduction. In it you have to present the thesis statement and talk about the information you will be telling the readers about. The next three paragraphs are the body of your essay. In this part you develop a point that supports your thesis, provide information and examples. Remember that you must have a lot of data to back up your statement. Don’t get emotional; your task is to explain a problem and not to impose a certain point of view.  The fifth paragraph is the conclusion. Here you sum up the body paragraphs and state thesis once again. Be sure that after you have completed the conclusion the general idea of the essay is clear and can be easily understood by the readers.

Before submitting the paper proofread it. Sometimes it is even advised that you give it for someone to read. Thus you will get objective criticism concerning mistakes and the content of the essay.

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