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Informal Essay

An informal essay has to reveal your abilities to write informally and express your own point of view on certain problems. It is usually written for entertainment and pleasure. When composing an informal essay forget about dull topics and time consuming researches. It is different from other kinds of writings because of its informal style and a flexible structure.

You have to write an essay that will capture your readers’ attention to the very end. It is good if they have the perception of conversation. Like if you were telling them the story personally. The readers have to understand your mind, ideas and vision of the event.

Some students write an informal essay as a fictional story. If you are going to do it, don’t forget to tell about details and include several description sections into the story. You are going to tell about a series of events and for that reason there are some techniques you can use. The most common way is to use a chronological approach. This means that you start with the beginning of your story and tell the events until you come to the end. Other approaches include starting with the end of the story and going on to the beginning, jumping from one event to another. If you choose an unusual strategy there must some justification for it. It can be done either to emphasize certain more important events or for entertaining.

Whichever technique you choose you have to remember that it is unnecessary to give all the details of your story. Be sure that all the information included is relevant and makes your informal essay easier to read. A good sense of style is very important to keep the story lively and entertaining. Imagine that you are telling a story to a mate. Use the expressions and style you would use in real life. If the story you are telling is a humorous or a terrific one, use the appropriate tone which will help you bring the atmosphere to the readers.

A useful tip for a good informal essay is keeping some kind of tension or suspense to the very end of the story. A good way to reach it is to leave some kind of uncertainty. Don’t give out all the details, withhold some information and that will make readers finish your story.

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