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Narrative Essay

Got tired of all those essays on boring topics? A narrative essay is a completely different thing! You surely have certain stories you’d like to share with others and here comes the chance for it! When writing a narrative essay you are telling your readers a story. But remember that it is not that simple. There are requirements you need to follow. Your story can’t exist without a plot, the main character, setting, climax and ending. Besides, it should be full of details so that readers enjoyed reading.

So before you start writing choose the experience you will present in the essay. Be sure that it is really significant and interesting! Sometimes you will have to spend quite a lot of time recollecting all the details, but this procedure is really necessary. Think about your readers. You should always keep in mind that it is the first time they hear the story, so be sure they will get all the relevant information.

Begin your narrative essay with a paragraph that tells the general information about the experience and its importance. Thus the readers will better understand the significance of your story as they will be reading the essay. If you do not like this technique, there is another way out for you. You may start with the main events and finish you story with telling about its importance. This approach will let the readers make up their own opinion about the events and compare it to your conclusions.

Then comes the main part, where you tell the story itself. Remember to keep the readers involved. Use all kinds of descriptions so that people could imagine and witness the events. Make sure that all you are writing about is logical and explained. Some facts may seem clear for you but can be a total mystery for the reader, so rely only on concise issues.

In the conclusion tell about the main idea of the narrative essay or about the lesson learned. Even though this piece of writing is rather informal one it has to carry some sense. The readers should understand why your essay is important and how it proves the conclusions you’ve made.

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