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Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay may seem to be a dull and completely unnecessary task. But it really matters for your teacher because a personal essay is usually written to show how you can organize your thoughts and use the language. For this reason mind your grammar very carefully when writing. Apart from the grammar, you may be probably expected to use active voice, descriptions and some other important stylistic issues!

As it is clear from the name, a personal essay is supposed to be personal. That’s why you have to write only in the first person. That means that you are speaking only for yourself. Since you can’t know for sure what other people think. Most personal essays are usually written in the past tense as you are telling about something that has already happened.

The structure of a personal essay is rather simple. It has three parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

The introduction should begin with an interesting phrase that will attract the readers’ attention. Then comes your thesis statement, which is the main idea you want to write about. Apart from that you may give a bit of information about what your essay will deal with.

The body usually consists of three paragraphs. Each of them is to be structured logically. Try to start with the point that will be discussed, then extend it with some information and in the conclusion sentence you back up the main idea and lead to the next point. Keep your paragraphs relatively short that will make the essay really reader-friendly.

Close your personal essay with a conclusion. This part summarizes the points you have mentioned and states your personal opinion. Here you can talk about the lessons learned, or how the event has changed your life. You should also try to tie your conclusion to the opening paragraph. It is a good point to re-read your essay and think whether all the points are clear and your language is natural.

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