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Persuasive Essay

If you have some outstanding idea you always wanted to tell the world about, here comes your chance! The main purpose of a successful persuasive essay is to convince your readers in your point of view. Writing a persuasive essay is quite similar to preparing for a debate. The only difference is that you will have no opposing side and you can express the ideas freely.

First of all, identify your main idea or the point of view you will defend. Then, think about the audience. They may disagree with your ideas completely, that’s why try to understand them and present only the strongest arguments. Remember that though no one will be presenting the opposing point of view it still exists! If you study it profoundly it will help you write a really strong persuasive essay.

Begin your essay with a phrase or argument that will catch your readers’ attention. In many cases the introduction determines if the reader will finish your essay or not. Besides, provide some background information that will let the readers understand your position. The introduction paragraph should end with the statement of your point of view.

The body paragraphs are the most important part of the essay. Here you will have to support your point of view actively. Write a separate paragraph for each point. This will help your readers understand all the ideas better. You cannot prove your position without examples or evidence. Make sure there are enough of them! Even though your personal beliefs may be very strong, some readers are more likely to trust facts from real life.

Don’t forget about the opponents. Once you have presented your arguments, grant one paragraph to explain the opposing point of view. You don’t have to defend it, so prove that this position is wrong and refute it!

Having read the conclusion your readers have to accept your point of view. Restate your main idea and desirably not in the same words as in the opening paragraph, but in some creative way. Make sure that your arguments were strong enough and persuasive.

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