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How to Describe Tables and Graphs in Essays and Term Papers

Graphs and tables are broadly used in essays and terms in order to present statistical data and trends or to compare some common features of different objects. Such visualization is undoubtedly efficient. But most people usually concentrate on graphs and tables appearance, and pay no attention to their description.

Each speaker needs to understand that all these graphs are obviously clear to him or her, but not to the audience which probably is unfamiliar with the subject of your essays and term papers.

Therefore, you need to be proper and accurate while describing visual materials. Actually, there are only a few keywords and grammar elements in use for this purpose. But even they, surprisingly, make speaker feel confused. That’s why our experts are proposing you to use following phrases to describe:

  • something goes up a little:
    “an increase (to increase)”, “a rise (to rise)”, “a growth (to grow)”, “an upward trend”, “to go up”;
  • something goes down a little:
    “a decrease (to decrease)”, “a drop (to drop)”, “a fall (to fall)”, “a downward trend”, “to go down”, “to slip”;
  • something goes up a lot:
    “a jump (to jump)”, “a leap (to leap)”, “a surge (to surge)”, “to take off”, “to rocket”, “to shoot up”;
  • something goes down a lot:
    “a tumble (to tumble)”, “a crash (to crash)”, “a slump (to slump)”, “a plunge (to plunge)”, “to sink”, “to plummet”;
  • something doesn’t change:
    “to stabilize”, “to stay at the same level”, “to remain constant”, “to remain stable”, “to stagnate”;
  • changing of direction. Upward:
    “to recover”,” to rebound”, “to revive”, “to reach a low point”;
  • changing of direction. Downward:
    “to reach a peak”, “to top out”, “to peak”;
  • the speed of change:
    “suddenly”, “rapidly”, “steadily”, “slowly”, “gradually”, “abruptly”;
  • the degree of change:
    “considerably”, “dramatically”, “significantly”, “substantially”, “slightly”.

Using these phrases you will improve your essays and term papers and make them more understandable and really helpful to your readers.

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