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How to Write a Review on Your Favorite Book?

Getting Started on Your Book Review

Aside from essays and term papers, a book review is another academic writing assignment that students are asked of. What makes a book review different is that the focus is on a single material. This means before writing the review, you should have already read the book from cover to cover. It does help if you are asked to write about your favorite book. This will make the task of essay writing much less arduous. However, this does not give you the permission to write randomly. Like any other essay writing assignment, your paper should follow a certain structure appropriate for a book review.

Following a Structure for an Effective Book Review

Unlike other essay writing tasks, the first portion of your paper should be dedicated into providing a background on the book being reviewed. You should give space into introducing the material by providing a summary of the plot and background of the significant characters. You should not hesitate to present any information which you think may help you defend your arguments. So you can also include a background on the author depending on which perspective you are taking. After the summary, you should start the book review by writing your stand or perspective on the material in the same way as you would write an essay writing assignment. This will serve as your thesis statement where the entire article shall rely on. Upon citing your stand or overall perspective, you can then start building on your arguments. You should provide a defense or the reasons that made you make such a conclusion about the book. For further support, you can lift direct quotations from the material. It can also work out much better if you can provide references outside the book being referred to. Making a direct or indirect comparison to either a similar material of the same caliber or a reference to any historical event can strengthen your claims.

Closing the Review

As a conclusion to this essay writing paper, you can provide a review of the main point. This is also your chance to add any other general but significant thoughts on what you have already stated on the body of the text. The last portion of the book review is your last chance to make an impression, so make it a good one!

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