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How to Write a Term Paper on Political Science

Essays and term papers on political science start with careful planning. It requires significance of the information gathered, arguments that are properly thought of, and a writing style which presents a highly organized train of thoughts.

Tips for writing essays and term papers on Political Science

  • Choose a controversial political event.  The more controversial the event is, the more chances you have in getting a variety of details from different sources.
  • Look for the best sources of information.  Start by general reading and move on to a more detailed data gathering. Interviewing the main actors of the event makes a more interesting and first hand argument for writing Essays and term papers.
  • Develop a question and answer that question.  Gather what you need to know about the event and formulate several questions and arguments. Once you completed, make sure all views were covered and investigated. Answer the question. The answer to your question will be the basis of your thesis. Take note that the main reason for writing a term paper is for you to persuade the readers, making them support and take your views on the event.
  •  Organize your thoughts. Essays and term papers on political science cannot just be a chain of ideas from various sources.  Essays and term papers should be presented as a result of your own analysis, judgments and opinions that are based on evidences.

Design a good format for essays and term papers

  • Come up with a draft. Once you find the research for the evidences quite comprehensive, it’s time to move on to your formal presentation which is term paper writing. Here is a simple guide on how to present your argument.
  • Introduction. Essays and Term Papers should start with a catchy introduction. This part should bear the question you would like to address.  You may provide a brief yet concise background of the question and the political event that brought forth the question. Include a roadmap to the rest of its content, giving the readers an outline of what to expect in your term paper.
  • Lay out all Data/ Evidences and the Arguments. Good essays and term papers present argument in details but not repetitive. Lay out sub-sections of facts and evidences of your argument that backs up your answers and help persuade your readers including clear explanation on how your investigation and research leads to a conclusion on why such political phenomenon occurred.
  • Conclusion. Summarize your contentions and its implication to Politics. Offer a resolution or a recommendation following your analysis of the event whenever possible. And don’t forget about writing an annotated bibliography for your paper.
  • Proofread and provide citations. Read and edit  and do a online grammer check
    before coming up with a final copy. Make sure to include the sources by following the correct format for citations. Without this, you can be charged of PLAGIARISM. Not by copying word for word but for stealing the ideas and opinions that is incorporated in your term paper writing.

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