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Importance of Essay and Term Paper Writing in JOb

Either you are studying in a high school or a graduate school, irrespective of the subject you are studying, you will be required to write many forms of papers varying from about 30 to 40 pages. Essay and Term Paper writing is the most common one. You will be expected to write papers that are clearly written, error free and that have a clear thesis and that demonstrate careful and considerable research.  Those who are able to write such papers as a part of their undergraduate education are in a more competitive position to be accepted to graduate school and to perform well in graduate school once they are there.  Simply having or scoring a decent grade or an average grade isn’t enough.

In general the graduates who get a score less than 3.25 are in the bottom half of the class grade. The students who score 2.5 comes in bottom 20% of the class grade. Most of the collages maintain the grade as high as 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9. Most of the companies has even begun a mandatory writing program for certain of its employees. So it is quite necessary to score good grades in writing. Many graduate programs also require that applicants submit a writing sample from which faculty members in the department can determine the quality of research the applicant is likely to perform while a graduate student and their potential as a scholar.  The faculty members who review the applications can pretty well determine what the applicant knows and doesn’t know and how well he or she is able to do quality research simply by reading their papers. This process helps them to select only the candidates with very good writing skill.


Suppose you apply for a job in an investment company, then you might be asked to write a report on a particular company or other investment skill. If you do not show your good writing skill, forget to be hired by big and reputed companies.  So now writing is not only required to attain a good grade but it is also needed to get a good job.

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