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Most students would be required to write a term paper which means that they need to find a topic to write about. Usually professors would be the one to provide the topic but for those who are given the freedom to choose any subject, this may prove to be a challenge. Writing a term paper is your chance to show off your writing skills not to mention your knowledge about the topic but if you are running out of ideas on what to write about, you should look for term paper topics online to help you out.

Term Paper Topics

Just to give you an idea on term paper subjects, here is a list of topics that you might want to consider for your own term paper.

  • Impact of Culture Regarding Emotional Illness
  • Are Children Prone to Over Medication?
  • Health Benefits on Consumption of Alcohol
  • Can Prisons Reduce Crime Rate?
  • What Circumstances Should Free Speech be Restricted?
  • Why Should the State and Church be Separated?
  • Can Gun Control Lower the Occurrence of Violent Crimes?
  • Should Extending Human-life Span be Considered?
  • Is Home Schooling More Effective than Regular Schooling?
  • Effects of Genetic Engineering in Society

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