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Book/Movie/Article Reviews

Film review is far more complicated as many would think. It requires a bit of passion, critical eye and the outlook wide enough to point out the drawbacks of the film, explain why and how it succeeds in its presentation.

Movie Review Writing

If somebody can do it well – it’s us! When we write the review it is not a simple summary. We will write the review clearly demonstrating hat you have not only viewed the movie, but also read the book or seen the play which formed the basis for this movie. We will also supplement you with the concise materials which will prove that you have really done it by your request.

Most film reviews that we make are written by people who have the information from the horse’s mouth. Due to it your review will always stand out from the dull outdated reviews of others.

Book Review Writing

The book and article reviews will be fully referenced and performed in any citation style you order. As there are writers holding Master degrees in literature among our staff, hence we guarantee the adequate critical analysis of the author’s literary skills, correct interpretation of the facts within a synchronic approach. Be sure that none of  phonetic, lexical, or syntactical expressive means and stylistic devices will pass our attention.

There is a great choice of writers for book reviews – each book review is like a reminiscence of a first hug for us. You can blame us for being too straightforward, but you can never blame us for an absence of a good taste.

Article Review Writing

You have to turn in the critique, which will display your perfect understanding of the original article, clearly demonstrate that you have deciphered every single word and all the complex ideas from it, with all the counter-points that show your original understanding. You should approach your subject with the sophisticated level of understanding and react to someone else’s ideas in terms of standard of response.

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