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The Major Question: What is an Essay?

Well, I think that we shall define what an essay actually is! I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t do something if I don’t understand what is required from me! So, let’s try to see what actually this “essay” is!

I don’t want to overload you with clever terms and phrases; I just want to explain it in my own words. As you know, everything consists of several components. For example, words consist of sounds, sentences consist of words, paragraphs are made up by sentences, and finally, paragraphs form ESSAYS. But you may say that there are many forms of writing, like novels, magazines or newspapers that also consist of paragraphs. So, let’s now see what the peculiarities of essays are.

First of all, essay is non-fiction piece of writing. When you begin making up characters, adding details that really haven’t happened, or thinking of a false plot in order to make your story more fascinating, you are writing in a fictional mode. Your essay has to be descriptive, use narration, propose solutions to problems, express your own ideas concerning some important issues, but they can never contain some false, fabricated details.

Then, an essay has clearly defined parts, like beginning, middle part and ending, unlike some forms of writing such as newspaper stories. Besides, essays are built around central ideas, which are usually called theses. Once again, using simple language, we may say that the thesis is the glue which binds the essay together. It is the MAJOR point of the essay. It’s what the essay is about, what it intends to show.

And the last peculiarity is that essays cannot be too long or too short. You will always be given certain requirements concerning the lengths of your essay. It may be quite hard to express your ideas in 2 pages, for example. To my mind, such limitations are rather useless. You may express your ideas in one paragraph or in 10 pages. And in case you can express everything in 1 passage, you are quite talented, I think! After all, your essay is complete when you can say “there is nothing more to add”.

Now you know what an essay is and you should write it. I hope, these essay writing tips will make your essay a better one!

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