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Tips to Write a Title for Your Essay or Term Paper

The title is the most important part of your reaction paper writing, or essay writing in general. This is also the beginning of your essay. So you need to find very interesting and eye- catchy title for your essay.

If the title is not attractive enough, the attitude towards your essay will be completely different:

1. If you have been assigned a tittle go with it.
2. Suppose you are not assigned with the title then do that after finishing your writing work. This will help you to keep in mind the important point you have used in your essay writing.
3. Always try to write something of your own.
4. Keep in mind the main keywords that you want to have in your essay title.
5. The keywords used should reflect the main concept of the whole work.
6. The title should be short and meaningful.

Suppose you want to write and essay on the Television and its effects to children and you need to write a title for it. Choose Title like:
a. Television and its effects
b. Tele-Monster: Effects on Everybody
c. Television: Destroying Our Children
d. Television and Education

Try to be bit creative while choosing a title for your Essay or Term Paper.

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