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When Quotations Are Redundant in Essays and Term Papers

Quotation in general adds credibility and strengthens arguments to essays and term papers, but redundant quotations which means using two or more of the same bearing destroys the flow of ideas and makes it harder to read and understand. Here are significant points in using quotations in essays and term papers.

Why use Quotations in essays and term papers?

Sometimes it is hard to drive a point using your own words. Adding succinct quotations help you magnify your argument. It helps you clearly explain your answer to the subject matter.  Brilliant ideas, familiar statements, credible testimonies that have been well taken by the public for so many years, solidify your arguments. In this rationale, you can decide which one to choose and why you will not over crowd essays and term papers with quotations of the same meaning.  Otherwise, it will look like you never said a word of your own.

Readers’ Impression to redundant quotations in essays and term papers

Readers favor a refreshing set of views and opinions to that of the old ones. They can accept one of which and start to digest what you want to express in essays and term papers, but redundant quotations would create an impression of laziness and affect the reader’s reliance on your ability to stand for what you believe in, and what you are driving at in this paper. In this sense, you destroyed your own credibility and the chance of persuading your readers to take the side of your arguments. It appears as if you relied on someone to deliver the idea for you. You failed.

How to integrate quotations in essays and term papers

Use the quotation to support your argument not to replace your original thoughts about it. DO NOT DROP the whole quotation anywhere in the sub-sections of your essay or term paper.  Say it your own words and always put open quotes and close quotes on the actual quotation. Essays and term paper writing is about voicing out your views about a certain subject. Having too many voices in essays and term papers suggests lack of self expression.  A smooth flow of words keeps the ideas intact and clear.


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