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Stages of Essay Writing: Editing and Proofreading

Once you have written the rough draft of your essay, you are ready for the final and very important stage of essays and term papers writing – editing and proofreading. There are three things that you should do once you have finished writing: revision, editing and proofreading.

Revision is crucial as it helps you to check if the concepts you have used in your essays and term papers are clear and complete and whether they fit there or not. In order to revise, read the essay from the beginning to the very end without making any corrections and look at the overall structure. After that you can do the same with each paragraph starting with introduction and working your way to the conclusion.

Once you are satisfied with the structure, comes time for editing. Its main purpose is to correct grammar mistakes. During this stage you should read every sentence very carefully and look whether there are grammatical errors there or not. Many people have their own common mistakes, so make sure to look for them first.

The final stage is proofreading. At this stage you should proofread your essays and term papers to identify typos, spelling, formatting and punctuation errors. During this stage you should pay close attention to every single letter and read your essay word by word. The process will go a lot faster if you will print out a copy, because this way you are more likely to spot the errors. If you have the possibility, read your essays and term papers to your friend or a relative and see what they think about it.

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