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Stages of Essays and Term Papers Writing: Developing Outline

After you have chosen your topic, analyzed it, went through the brainstorming, performed necessary research and formulated thesis, it is time for the next stage – developing an outline of your essays and term papers.

The major objective that you have to complete at this stage is to create a plan, which will show the way you can develop the idea you have manifested in your thesis statement. The key issue here is to make your essays and term papers as clear and comprehensive as possible. Here is the action plan which you should follow if you want to write a successful essay.

By now, you have analyzed the information you obtained at the topic analysis and brainstorming stages, so you should look it over and summarize your thesis. Start out your outline by naming each paragraph and leaving a lot of space between them to be able to develop each one of them later on. Once that is done, you should develop the idea of every paragraph, so it contains an example, the reason you have provided such an example and a few arguments that support your point of view. Make sure to devote each idea a separate paragraph and write at least four of them.

Keep in mind, well-written outline is a key to a perfectly structured essay and if you will take your time writing it, your essay will be highly evaluated by the tutor.

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