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Stages of Essays and Term Papers Writing: Statement Formulation

Of course, you will not start your essays and term papers with a stage called statement formulation and even though it is one of the most important steps of the essay writing process, you should complete topic selection, topic analysis, brainstorming and literature research stages first. Thesis statement is crucial for successful essays and term papers, because it contains the main idea of what your study is going to be about. It emphasizes the idea that you have regarding the topic, provides an essay structure and helps you to decide what information to include and what to leave out.

A good and relevant thesis statement expresses the author’s opinion on the topic, thus it should be written in the form of a complete statement. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a direct manifestation of the author’s point of view, because this way the readers will not have to read the whole essay in order to find out what there is in the main body and in a conclusion.

When writing a thesis statement, make it as clear as possible. You are able to do this by using the ideas you have come up with in the brainstorming stage. Give your statement an overview to make sure that you have enough information to support it. If you will not be able to provide enough facts to support your point of view, you should go back to the beginning and choose a different topic. Even though it is frustrating, it is better to do it once you are at the beginning stages of the writing process, because if you find tit out in the end, you will spend a lot more time writing everything from scratch.

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