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Stages of Essays and Term Papers Writing: Writing Drafts

After you have completed the process of choosing the topic, analyzed it, brainstormed the ideas, performed literature research, formulated the statement and composed an outline for your essay you are ready to proceed to the next stage – writing a rough draft copy of your essays and term papers. It is a transitory stage that takes you from mental work to the actual writing.

Once you are ready to write a draft, take a look at the outline and start writing an introductory paragraph. Pay close attention to what you write and make sure to catch readers’ attention to your topic. A good starting point is to provide some background information about the ways this topic is related to you, etc.

Once you do that, you should go to writing supporting paragraphs. Start out by writing a sentence that contains the main idea of the paragraph and develop it by providing supporting arguments and strong details. Keep an eye on the overall structure and make sure the sentences are united into a big clear picture or your essays and term papers will look like a collection of separate sentences. This can be achieved by using key words and their synonyms and by adding expressions and linking words.

Once you have written the main body, you can proceed to a conclusion of your essay. In basic terms, it is a summary of your previously mentioned ideas, so it should be written in a way, so that the reader will have a clear understanding of what your essays and term papers are about. Conclusion should be very similar to the introduction with the only difference – in a conclusion you should pay more attention to results.

After completing this task you should get some rest and read your essays carefully while paying close attention to its logical development, smooth transitions, sentences structure as well as to vocabulary and usage of the lexical units.

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