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Types of Term Papers

Purpose of Term Papers Writing

Term papers usually refer to papers which are turned in at the end of a course and reflect a whole “term” of knowledge. These assignments account for a large portion of the student’s final grade and oftentimes require independent and thorough research. However, there is a lot more to term papers as you might think, so Essays and Term Papers Writing Company offers some information on them.

Information on Research Papers from Essays and Term Papers Writers

One of the most common types of term papers is the research paper which typically involves the student picking a topic that was studied in class and conducting a through research on it. Research papers involve extensive use of primary and secondary sources which are used to support the student’s ideas and are compiled in a bibliography at the end of the paper. These papers are common in liberal art classes like history and philosophy.

Information on Syntheses, Book and Peer Reviews from Essays and Term Papers Writers

Synthesis paper is similar to a research paper and requires students to pull together some or all of the works they have dealt with in class. Unlike other term papers, a synthesis is more holistic because it deals with broader generalities rather than with a specific topic, thus the student is expected to provide his own discourse on the subject. Book review is another specific type of term paper which requires the student to analyze one specific work that was read in class during semester. It is somewhat similar to a research paper as it focuses on one aspect, but also the student is expected to rely more on his or her own analysis rather than on secondary sources. Peer review is somewhat similar to the book review. It focuses exclusively on one topic and the student’s job is to analyze and critique the study both on its validity within its field as well as its validity in using the scientific method.

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