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Writing Tips on Punctuation

Punctuation is a set of rules concerning the symbols that have their impact on every language in both its forms such as written and oral ones. In written form of language punctuation marks define its structure and organization of essays and term papers, while in oral one they are responsible for reading intonation.

Actually those are the main functions of punctuation – to make the thought of sentence to be clear and understandable as much as possible and to reach this aim the proper use of punctuation should be applied as sometimes even misused or leaked comma can change the meaning of the whole sentence even to the contrary one.

Important fact is that the rules of punctuation can differ very much in accordance with language, location, the time some text was written and even along with general, usually governmentally set rules obligatory to the whole population in the state, some specific aspects of punctuation can appear, depending on the style of the text, some author’s wishes connected with the desire to stress or to belittle the importance of some mentioned in the essays and term papers fact.

But the best paper does not at all mean the paper where the more symbols of punctuation are used; the best paper writing is the one where those symbols are used when and where it is really needed so if they do not help the author to clarify his idea, they should be omitted.

Nowadays, with the development of informal style of communication and great variety of its informal means the role of punctuation seems to have been decreasing in recent years but causing sometimes more problems than benefit as even the simplest rules of punctuation are being forgotten such as proper use of already mentioned commas; the place of question mark depending on the type of the sentence; the level of necessity of exclamation marks; use of the inverted commas; use of hyphens; use of apostrophes especially while forming the possessive case of nouns depending whether the noun has singular or plural form etc. But, of course, as we do not imagine the text to be concerned as best paper, with no punctuation symbols we should pay more attention to them avoiding all those unnecessary mistakes and making our text to be if not perfect than at least correct.

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