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Writing the Works Cited Page for Your Essays and Term Papers

Immediate Accessibility to Information

In this modern age, getting access to the information we need is no longer a problem in fact this is the time where our research skills are less necessary since there has been an upsurge of usable and reliable data in the internet for our essays and term papers writing. But despite the rise of accessible information, there is still the need to properly cite your sources and references to help address plagiarism and give credit to the people behind the success of your essays and term papers writing. Over the years many essays, including reaction essay, and dissertations have proven to be plagiarizing data from modern and traditional medium and it is important to recognize the need to cite references.

Acknowledgment to Prevent Plagiarism and its Consequences

Plagiarism is a form of stealing from the ideas and knowledge of your sources so you should properly address the people; a simply acknowledgment will help prevent plagiarism and other commonly practiced piracy of information. Remember that this is a serious case and those who are caught suffered consequences which are detrimental to their academic life. Students who violated this can be suspended or expelled from the school depending on the level of plagiarized content used in their essays and term papers writing.

Citation Improves the Level of Quality of your Written Requirements

Properly citing sources is ethical not only in your academic pursuit but also as a way of recognizing the efficiency and reliability of the references you have used for your essays and term papers writing. This will also increase level of discussion and argument in your essays and term papers writing and relay to your readers that you have taken the time to research and consult other perspective in order to synthesize your essays and term papers writing. Citation is relevant and this may be a simply act of acknowledgment to some but this will also improve the quality of your papers.

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